All Panda Nutrition premium aloe products originate from mature, organically-grown aloe vera plants, which are grown free of chemicals in Creta island. Once harvested, the aloe leaves are placed in refrigerated trailers to ensure no beneficial components are lost and are then shipped to our state-of-the-art processing facility for precise inspection. Each outgoing batch is scientifically tested to validate the quality and product efficacy. Quality is maintained and monitored every step of the way to ensure customers receive the best benefits naturally derived from aloe vera.

Our strict farming standards are certified, monitored, and audited by – DIO *, Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products. Each plant is carefully nourished and developed to produce healthy 450 grammes to 950 grammes leaves that contain large levels of total solids (active ingredients). This method of organic farming retains nature’s purity and makes certain that all leaves selected for processing are of the utmost quality.

*DIO is a non-profit public benefit Organization and offers official Inspection & Certification of Organic Products Body, according to European legislation and is the longest-operating Inspection and Certification Organization of organic products in Greece, with the code GR-BIO-01.


Aloe vera is an easy to grow plant , but what makes the difference is the climate condition, soils and sunny days
Aloe vera requires full sun for flowering and Greek islands are well known for more than 2800 sunshine hours per year
Average minimum temperatures stay above 15c
Our aloe plants grow in sandy but fertile loam, with good drainage
That’s why greek aloe is the worlds best aloe


The International Aloe Science Council  ( IASC ) has established several qualitative and quantitative parameters*  for assessing the quality of Aloe Vera leaf juices.

* For the polysaccharides  the minimum value of acetylated mannan is > 5%

Panda Nutrition’s  aloe vera has total polysaccharides 9.2%  +/- 1.5%  and the concentration of acetylated mannan is 7.1%